Wednesday, 10 December 2014

A video clip that caught my attention

Title: What You Need To Know About Ebola

This video clip talks about the recent outbreak of the Ebola Virus. Talks about how it started and where it originated from. Though it may seem like a ambiguous topic, this video clip breaks down the information into a simpler and a more understandable video clip. This video really is enriching and teaches us how scary this Ebola Virus can be if it is wasn't for the help of the medical volunteers to help carry the dead bodies of the infected to be safer place for proper burial.

  • This video clip taught me a lot more about Ebola and facts about the deadly virus.
  • It also taught me about how Ebola was created and the place it was from, The Ebola River.
  • It also taught me different facts about Malaria and AIDS.

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